Canine Genetics Consulting
Graphic: A representation of a Yellow Labrador's head that appears to be made of layered paper cut-outs

Consulting in Canine Genetics

Canine Genetics Consulting Services
Liz Hare, PhD
Consulting services include
  • Summaries of specific genetic conditions for technical and non-technical readers
  • Development of breeding strategies, including
    • Clarification of Breeding Program Goals and Priorities
    • Development of Breeding Strategy to Achieve Program Goals
    • Development of Breeding Strategy to Eliminate Genetic Conditions
  • Initiation and Maintenance of Genetic Databases (including pedigree and trait information)
  • Studies of Genetic Traits in Populations (incidence, heritability, potential for improvement through selective breeding)

Potential clients include

  • private dog breeders
  • breed registries and organizations
  • developers of new breeds
  • administrators of breeding colonies

What we can't do:

  • Diagnose genetic medical conditions. Please see your vet or your state's veterinary medical college.
  • Provide laboratory services
  • Provide massage therapy for your dog, but see Quadrussage

Consulting on Quantitative Genetics: How Can This Work in My Breeding Program?

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